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The first objective in this project is to execute advanced high-performance computing (HPC) on the supercomputer Fugaku for next-generation energy-saving semiconductors and related materials by developing and applying a new methodology for computational materials science based on quantum theory. By this computics approach, we try to clarify the underlying physics and chemistry of phenomena in next-generation semiconductor devices, in particular, at the material interfaces causing the device operation and at the growing surfaces during the fabrication of semiconductor devices. The second objective is to predict the characteristics of power devices and nano-devices made of the energy-saving semiconductors using quantum device simulators in which the above new methodology is integrated with current device simulators. The obtained device characteristics are compared with experimental results, which certainly contribute to the development of the design of high-performance devices. The third objective is to develop multiscale simulation techniques based on quantum theory for the epitaxial growth of semiconductor thin films, thus contributing to the advancement of thin-film growth technology. In these multi-scale simulations, the assimilation of data from simulations and experiments is utilized based on the process-informatics approach. To achieve these three objectives, we aspire to create a new paradigm of manufacturing by the synergy between computics and experimental science.

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January 19 - 21, 2021
International Symposium on Wide Gap Semiconductor Growth, Process and Device Simulation 2021 (ISWGPDS 2021) has been held online with 96 participants (83 participants from Japan and 13 participants from EU). The participants enjoyed in-depth discussion through the network. Visit the website for details.
October 1, 2020
We just launched our website!
April 2020
This project “quantum-theory-based multiscale simulations toward the development of next-generation energy-saving semiconductor devices” has been adopted as a Program for Promoting Research on the Supercomputer Fugaku.

News & Topics